Some of my favorite glassy memories

From 2013 to 2016, I worked for the Corning Museum of Glass onboard Celebrity Cruise Lines. I met people from all over the world and got to wake up in a new country everyday. (Not to mention my job was to blow glass!) My family came on multiple cruises and I met the love of my life in Alaska. Some of my favorite memories were bringing friends from Murano onboard, hugging a sloth named Pachito in Columbia, and making smores in the hotshop! To all of my glassblowing teammates, you are dear to my heart! 

In 2019, I was asked to create "Lucky" the mascot of the Boston Celtics. This was a gift for the legendary Danny Ainge. Each glass part was created separately and then assembled together. The pipe and cane are cast bronze. The secret is that my mother helped me polish the bronze and WELD the stand for Lucky! Thanks mom! Danny Ainge was very grateful and sent me this picture of Lucky on his desk next to his champion ring! 

In 2013, while working onboard Celebrity Cruise Lines for the Corning Museum of Glass, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. I created a mini cup onboard in celebration! All of our artworks are raffled away and while the Pojman family was cruising, they became the recipients of the mini. Little did I know that they would bring my mini with them when they got to see and DRINK from the real Stanley Cup! They sent me these photographs and we have kept in touch since! Go Blackhawks! 

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